A bright future assured for Roselyn

Complex heart surgery was performed by Dr Ian Nicholson at Sydney Adventist Hospital last November.

Operation transforms Christine's life

From a very sick baby to a healthy child - what a difference ROMAC makes!

Andrea Romac's 400th patient

Andrea was the 400th patients to be treated by Romac in Australia or NZ

Cyclone Pam flattened 6-month-old Christine’s home

When Christine’s home was flattened after cyclone Pam and she required urgent surgery for a serious heart condition ROMAC organised that she was flown to Auckland one week later with a medical escort. (more…)

Beautiful baby Zoe 2 weeks after her operation

No more hiding Zoe’s face under a blanket

Baby Zoe had an encephalocoele (protruding brain tissue) which covered most of her face and restricted her sight. Her young mother covered Zoe face with a blanket so no one could see her. (more…)

Geovanio in hospital with mother Marinha

Geovanio can now run with his friends

Eight year old Geovanio weighed only 16 kg and had to be wheeled off the flight from East Timor in a baby stroller as he was too sick to walk. (more…)

East Timor
Celestina recovering after heart surgery at the RCH Melb

A future ahead for brave Celestina

Working together we can achieve miracles!
ROMAC teamed up with the new Global Program at Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, and Children’s First Foundation to not only save a life but to make a whole new future for Tina. (more…)

East Timor

A Tiny Tot From Vanuatu Now has a Future

Five months old Linda arrived from Vanuatu with her mother Talia and was operated on three days later to remove an encephalocele (herniated brain) over her eyes. On arrival with her mother, Linda’s face was covered with a scarf to hide her baby’s appearance. (more…)

ROMAC ROMAC provides surgical treatment for children in Australia and New Zealand from developing countries from our Pacific Region in the form of Life Giving and/or dignity restoring surgery not accessible to them in their home country.

With ROMAC, 100¢ in every $1 goes directly to Giving Life to a child

ROMAC is totally voluntary. There are no paid staff and the small administration expenses incurred are paid from another income stream.

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400+ children have been Given Life, since 1988

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