A bright future assured for Roselyn

Complex heart surgery was performed by Dr Ian Nicholson at Sydney Adventist Hospital last November.

Operation transforms Christine’s life

From a very sick baby to a healthy child – what a difference ROMAC makes!

ROMAC’s 400th patient Andrea

Andrea was the 400th patient to be treated by ROMAC in Australia or NZ

Verzi is healthy again

Verzi, a fifteen-year-old girl from the Solomon Islands, arrived in Sydney with her carer, Aunt Vedna. She had rheumatic fever in 2015 and now needed the mitral valve in her heart replaced.

Verzi had her pre-admission checks at the Westmead Children’s Hospital Heart Clinic, in preparation for her surgery. Her surgeon was Dr Ian Nicolson, a well-known Sydney cardiothoracic surgery specialist (pictured). She came through her operation well, spending very little time in intensive care before going back to Ronald Macdonald House to recuperate. Unfortunately, she contracted an infection and had to be re-admitted a few days later – but, after 3 days, she was well enough to be discharged again, attending as an out-patient for a further few days. ROMAC volunteer carers Liz, Liane and Marilyn were a great support to Verzi and Aunt Vedna (pictured) during this time. Verzi was declared well enough to travel back home with Aunt Vedna in time to spend a very happy Christmas with their family.


Mourine, accompanied by her mother Ekila, arrived in Sydney to receive treatment for a large mass growing on her neck and chest.

Their home is a small island in the north of the Solomon Islands where they live a subsistence life without modern conveniences, such as electricity. The culture shock on arrival in Sydney, where they were accommodated at Ronald McDonald House, was enormous.

A support team, with members from Rotary Districts 9675 and 9685, provided rostered support on a daily basis over ten months, taking them grocery shopping, showing them how to use our modern appliances, accompanying them to medical appointments and visiting when Mourine was in hospital, as well as taking them on outings and to Rotary meetings.

While recovering from surgery, Mourine celebrated her 15th birthday. Her support team and her mother Ekila made sure it was celebrated in style.

To mark the final day of Mourine’s treatment in October, her fantastic support team got together with Mourine and Ekila for a well-deserved celebration. Finally in November, they farewelled the pair as they left Sydney for their home, and a healthy and happy life for Mourine.

Rachel recovers from renal condition

Rachel and her mother Victoria arrived in Auckland, New Zealand from Vanuatu in June. Rachel had a renal condition that needed to be resolved and the renal team at Starship Hospital promptly got to work to treat her.

Rachel was accommodated in Ronald McDonald House and was hosted by the Rotary Club of Birkenhead. Under Gaston Bruneau’s lead, the Club saw that the family had visitors and outings during the recovery days of their stay.

Rachel was under treatment and observation for about six weeks. It was wonderful to see Rachel become stronger by the day and taking in the new experiences of the Zoo, Museum and playgrounds of Auckland with her hosts. She was the happiest wee girl with a beautiful smile and won many hearts and made friends with other ROMAC patients.

Rachel flew home fully recovered in early August. She and and her mother were both so grateful to ROMAC and Rotary for restoring Rachel to good health and for the wonderful experiences they were treated to while they were in New Zealand.

Ken has life-saving surgery

Ken lives with his family in a remote village in the Solomon Islands where they have no running water or electricity. He was born prematurely at 6 months so he was taken by canoe to a clinic and then transported to hospital, where he spent the next 3 months. However, over time, his heart started to fail.  Continued


Christella was a happy little 3-year-old girl in Vanuatu until one day her legs and feet were so severely burnt by boiling water she could not stand or walk. She was brought to Sydney by ROMAC to be treated for her burns at Westmead Hospital. Continued

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