Would you like to be part of the ROMAC Team?

ROMAC fulfils an exciting and very satisfying volunteer role within Rotary. It offers a unique chance to seriously help those who are disadvantaged. The reward received after being part of a team that repairs a child’s broken life and sees them return home fit and well, is unbelievable. The contact, humility and gratification are astonishing. It is perhaps why many of us joined and remain in Rotary.

ROMAC has an ongoing process of fulfilling its orderly succession plan. The regular introduction of new people and fresh ideas ensures ROMAC continues its wonderful program. A program which, one way or another, has so far saved the lives of over 500 children.

ROMAC looks for Rotarians in the mould of those who have gone before; Rotarians who are self-motivated, committed and dedicated. All positions are for a term of four years.