Vinna’s journey

Vinna, from Vanuatu, first came to ROMAC in 2017 and followed a 2-year journey to repair a multiple fracture and infection of her right leg.

The final stages of treatment required the insertion of a plate to stabilise the bone graft and Vinna was due to have this plate removed in April 2020. Covid-19 intervened and the removal of the plate did not happen.

Recently, as borders begin to open and MIQ (NZ quarantine) requirements ease, ROMAC NZ has recommenced the process to get Vinna back to Hamilton, New Zealand, to complete her treatment.

Vinna’s journey has not only included ROMAC but also the wider community of supporters including Fruits of the Pacific, Marine Reach Family Care Centre, Vanuatu and members of the apple industry who have continued to take an interest and support the treatment of Vinna.

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